Sunday, February 15, 2015

DIY Aquarium Filter

Made an aquarium filter today for the breeder tank, thanks to YouTube King of DIY video on how to make it.  I want another biological filter in the breeder tank  in case the time come when I need to turn off the HOB filter.

My first DIY project.

Choice of media filter: my choice are ceramic rings
A plastic bottle
A drill
An airline tube
2 heater suction cups
A piece of thick sponge

Rinse the plastic bottle clean.
Rinse the ceramic rings.
Open the cap and fill it up with your choice of filter media.
Drill a few holes in the cap and a few holes at the bottom of the bottle.
Close the cap.
Drill two holes for the suction cups, one near the top, one near the bottom of the bottle.
Insert the suction cup's nub into the hole. 
Drill a small hole near the cap that the airline tube can fit.
Put the airline into the hole above.
Cut the sponge into a small size you like and cut a thin opening enough to fit on the cap.
Place the sponge on the cap.
Place filter in the corner of the aquarium.
Connect the airline to the air pump
Turn on the air pump.


  1. Water filters for aquariums can really cost a lot, so this DIY filter of yours is a big help. Plus, it's very easy to do and the materials are available at home. Thanks a lot for sharing this, Kaylen. It's a nice choice for your first DIY project. :)

    Verna Griffin @ Axe On Water

  2. Wonderful tips.I need this for my fish.THANKS!
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  3. Love your step by step pictorials! Awesome job.

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